What is Grecology?

grecology [gre-kol-uh-jee]

  1. : the branch of political economy analysing the interactions between different sectors of Greece’s macroeconomy

  2. : the set of macroeconomic and financial relationships between Greece and its environment in the wider eurozone and capital markets

  3. : the practice of watching lines on charts go down very quickly, then up again very slowly. 

A newsletter about the Greek economy

After the turbulent decade just passed, Greece is entering a new era. If the election of the country’s first post-bailout government in 2019 opened the door to a new economic paradigm, then the economic fallout from covid-19 slammed the door firmly shut on the old epoch.

I’ll be here to chronicle the changes to Greece’s economy, bringing insights forged in the crucible of old crises as we face new challenges in a changing world. 

You can expect a roundup of Greek macroeconomic developments every Friday, then further posts on specific topics on an occasional ad hoc basis. I’ll keep things sharp, crunching data and a variety of indicators, but always striving to highlight those ones that are telling a story about where Greece is headed.

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About Marcus Bensasson

I’m a financial journalist based in Athens who previously covered Greece’s debt crisis for Bloomberg News.

After almost two decades in journalism — I started out in Mexico in 2002 and wrote and edited for newspapers and magazines in the U.K before coming to Greece — I’m excited by the possibilities that Substack is creating for the profession. Specifically, I’m looking forward to establishing a direct and unfiltered conversation with readers of this newsletter.

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Marcus Bensasson
Athens-based financial journalist and veteran of the euro-area debt crisis.